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Axiomed - Freedom Is Motion

Founded in 2001 and began the journey to advance the standard of care for patients with degenerative spine conditions by progressing spine technology beyond fusion and first-generation artificial discs.


Axiomed leadership brings over 110 combined years of healthcare and operational experience with a deep understanding of orthopedic devices, product development and clincial applications. The experienced surgeon team has utilised patented viscoelastic polymer technology allowing AxioMed to developed the next generation of artificial discs.

The company has developed proprietary technologies to replace the diseased disc and facets in the spine to restore normal motion and an active lifestyle.

AxioMed Products

Freedom® Lumbar Disc

Freedom® Lumbar Disc Category Degenerative Disc Company AxioMed Request Brochure The Freedom® Lumbar Disc was developed to provide a more…

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Freedom® Cervical Disc

Freedom® Cervical Disc Category Degenerative Disc Company AxioMed Request Brochure Testing shows that the Freedom® Cervical Disc can survive up…

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