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BioSphere® Putty


Bioactive Bone Graft 


Bioactive Bone Graft

BioSphere® Putty has the highest bioactive glass content of any bone graft putty or sheet on the market.

BioSphere® Putty Composition

  • Weight: ~80% bioactive glassspheres; ~20% phospholipid carrier
  • Volume: 95-100% of the bulk volume consists of bioactive glass spheres (carrier fills up the volume in between particles)
  • Bioactive Glass Concentration: ~1.5 g of bioactive glass per cc of Putty

Comparison to Bioactive Glass Bone Graft Sheets

  • Sheets are composed of bioactive glass particles that are suspended in a porous scaffold (typically composed of collagen)
  • Due to porosity, bone graft sheets have a much lower density (0.25 - 0.40 g/cc) than BioSphere Putty (~1.9g/cc)
  • Bioactive glass concentration (grams of bioactive glass per cc of graft) is the accurate way of comparing bioactive glass content.

Superior Handling and Versatility

  • The use of a highly moldable phospholipid carrier results in a cohesive putty with superior handling that does not fall apart.
  • Due to the handling, the putty can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the surgeon's intra-operative needs

    Excellent fluid resistance

  • BioSphere Putty resists irrigation while maintaining its placement at a surgical site.
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