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Freedom® Lumbar Disc


Degenerative Disc



The Freedom® Lumbar Disc was developed to provide a more effective alternative to fusion for patients with lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. on for patients with DDD.


Intended to facilitate the relief of lower back pain and restoration of normal spinal function

    Disc Technology

  • Responds to loading like the human spineWithstands the forces and wear of decades of use
  • Moves in three dimensions like the human spine
  • Polymer core has flexibility and stiffness that mimics a healthy human disc
  • Viscoelastic core provides stability while simulating the capabilities of a healthy human disc.
  • One-piece design simplifies surgical implantation.
  • Rails and bead-coated titanium endplates keep device securely in place

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Freedom Cervical Disc
Intended to facilitate the relief of neck pain and restoration of normal spinal function for patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD).

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