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Posterior stabilisation for the thoracic and lumbar spine


  • Posterior stabilization for the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • „Complete system for open and percutaneous applications
  • Patented instrument solution
  • Rods, Ø 6.0 mm, straight and curved in titanium alloy and partly CoCr
  • Polyaxial screws
  • Pre-fixation screws
  • Pre-fixation long-arm screws
  • Monoaxial screws
  • Can be combined with Iliosacral screws uBase™

    Key Features

  • One system for variable treatments
  • Only one system for open and percutaneous approach
  • Large range of implants for adaptation to the patient
  • Treatment of patients with traumatic injury or degenerative changes

    Easy to use

  • Only one basic instrument set
    Four screw types needed to treat your patients
    „ 2-in-1 instrument for positioning the guide wire
  • Safety for user and patient
    „ Cannulated screws for secure placement
  • „Patented guide wire holder
    „ Simple execution of complex reductions
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